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Upselling and Cross-Selling. The Techniques Every Salon Owner Should Know.

Upselling and cross-selling are sales techniques that every salon owner should use to increase their money-making potential. Sevice-based businesses like spas, salons and barbershops are often only focused on improving their profits by providing a great service. However, other opportunities to make a profit are often lost or overlooked.

What is Upselling and Cross-selling?

Upselling is a technique where you encourage a client to purchase a comparable higher-end product than the one in question. In contrast, cross-selling is to persuade a client to buy a related or complimentary item. These techniques are often used interchangeably or together. Both offer benefits to you and your clients.

These two sales techniques are only successful when the sale provides a win-win opportunity for both you and your client. By solving a client’s perceived problem or making their life easier in some way you are providing value for money for your client and also increasing your own profits.

“Sell the problem you solve, not the product”

Upselling and cross-selling should not be seen as a sleazy or underhanded way to take advantage of your client but as a way to provide them with a service or product that will fulfil their needs. So, it is important that you take the time needed to build a relationship with your client and provide a thorough consultation to understand everything you can about your client’s style, personality and needs. To read more on how to improve on your consultation technique, go to How To Master Client Consultations.

“Get closer to than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realise it themselves“. Steve Jobs

Asking open-ended questions such as “How do you care for your hair/skin at home?” or “What are the main issues you face with your hair/skin?” This gives you the opportunity to suggest an upgraded service or an additional product.

Educate Yourself About Upselling and Cross-selling.

The key to confident and motivated selling lies in knowledge and knowledge comes from educating yourself and your staff. It is very hard for you or your staff to sell a service or product if you don’t have all the answers to the questions that a client may ask.

When selling products make sure you and your staff are promoting products that you genuinely think have merit. Purchase products for your salon that you believe in and that align with your business vision. Choosing products that set you apart from your competitors can also help to increase your cross-selling abilities.

Educate yourself in the background, techniques used or unique ingredients in your products. This helps to build client trust as you are perceived as having valuable knowledge. Recommendations are taken much more seriously when given by someone who is perceived as knowledgable or an expert in their field.

This is why education is so important to you and your staff. Ask vendors to provide you will education regarding the products you supply in your spa, salon or barbershop. Don’t be shy to ask your vendor to supply you with samples so you and your staff can personally trial the products.

Educate Your Clients.

Client education is a brilliant way to encourage a client to buy a product or upset a treatment. Remember, your clients won’t buy your products just to do you a favour, they buy because your product or service will make their life better in some way. So if you want to up-sell or cross-sell, you need to convey to your client how you are helping them look better or manage their hair/skin better.

Encouraging a home care regime with your products can also be a good sales avenue. Even if your client can’t buy everything you recommend, give them a script with the recommended products or a brochure to take home.

The more informed and empowered your clients are, the more satisfied and confident they will be in their choices.

Timing is Everything When Upselling and Cross-selling.

Every interaction with your client has upselling and cross-selling potential. When taking enquiries and bookings always suggest your premium treatments first and work your way down your treatment options, not up.

Look for the opportunity to change a single treatment to a package deal requiring more appointments but is more cost-friendly for your client. Remember, always aim for a win-win situation. You are happy and your client feels like you are doing them a favour by saving them money.

When sitting in your waiting room, make sure your client is exposed to all the beautiful products and services you offer. Always have a display with testers to let your clients touch and smell your products, but please dust regularly. Dusty, old looking products will turn your customers off super quick.

Don’t forget to supply eye-catching brochures explaining treatments and products. Before and after look books are also a great way to instil confidence in your abilities and to encourage future treatments that your client may not have considered.

Upselling and Cross-selling During Treatments.

During your clients’ treatment, keep conversations friendly and always listen out for upcoming events that your client mentions. These are great opportunities for you to suggest special treatments or products to enhance their look for the occasion. Do they have a holiday coming up? Suggest a travel-friendly product or encourage them to book an appointment before their trip so they are looking fresh and radiant.

In the treatment area use products that you are promoting to help get your clients interest and start a dialogue about the product. Use lead-in statements like “Smell this, isn’t it divine? It’s a new range we are carrying” or “This shampoo/cleanser is so lovely, we are using it on all our clients now, and it’s perfect for your hair/skin”. Compliments are also a great way to start talking about a product. You can say things like “Your curls are gorgeous. If you have trouble keeping them in check, I have this great new smoothing serum”. Get the idea? Be careful not to sound pushy or insincere, so keep the conversation light and friendly, If the client is not interested, simply move on to another topic and educate your client when you can.

Promotions and Packages.

No savvy business owner wants to miss out on an opportunity to make a sale, so never forget the power of seasonal or holiday promotions and bundled packages. These are a great way to increase your sales. Social media is your best friend when it comes to seasonal promotions. Use fun and attractive pictures to encourage your clients to purchase a great deal. Win-Win!

Beautiful packaging will also encourage clients to buy gifts around Christmas, Mother’s day, or Valentine’s day. So take advantage of these high spending seasons with free social media advertising. What better way to upsell and cross-sell?

What Not To Do.

So we’ve covered all the great techniques you can use when upselling and cross-selling, but there are things you should avoid doing to make a sale. Never be pushy or insistent. Your client will not appreciate such treatment. Don’t take it personally if your client declines to purchase something, you don’t know their financial situation.

Never suggest a treatment or product that won’t benefit your client. This will only deter your client from listening to your recommendations in the future and will reduce trust. Always be upfront about costs to your client. They need to be fully informed of the cost when going ahead with a treatment or once again, you will lose your clients trust.

And finally, never take advantage of your client in any way. You will lose clients this way and you may even develop a bad reputation.

I hope you have gained some helpful insights into how you can improve the upselling and cross-selling techniques in your spa, salon or barbershop and increase your money-making potential.

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