a happy dog groomer who has reduced no-shows

The Dog Groomers Guide to Reducing No-Shows

a happy dog groomer who has reduced no-shows

Dog groomers everywhere suffer a common challenge – The dreaded no-show!  There is nothing more frustrating than waiting around for no-shows.  Not only is your valuable time being wasted, but the financial impact on your business can be significant. Now that’s a bit ruff to say the least.

Fortunately, the “Dog Groomers Guide to Reducing No-Shows” will provide you with effective strategies to help reduce no-shows in your business and ensure paw-sitive attendance.

Text Reminders

Most appointment-run businesses use text booking reminders these days, but if you aren’t, it’s definitely time to get on board. It’s not only convenient for you but also for your busy clients. In addition, your business looks more professional and organized.

How do Text Reminders reduce no-shows?

Text reminders help reduce no-shows by providing clients with timely and convenient notifications about their upcoming appointments and giving them the flexibility to reschedule if needed.

Timely Prompts

Give your clients time to reply or reschedule. Sending reminders 48 hours before their appointment gives them time to confirm, cancel, or reschedule, reducing the likelihood of last-minute cancellations or no-shows.

*** Neko’s text and email reminders are set and forget. Once you set up the necessary parameters, Neko will sync with your booking calendar and automatically send the reminders. It’s paw-fection.

Client Options

Always set up your text reminders so that clients must answer with a Yes or No to confirm. Why? Clients feel more accountable and are more likely to strive to attend their appointment. Studies show that this alone reduces no-shows significantly. Furthermore, this also gives you the opportunity to ring any clients that have failed to confirm.

Personalised Reminders

Personalised text reminders with the client’s and their dog’s name will reinforce a more personal connection and make your client feel valued. This personal touch also creates a stronger sense of accountability from the client, making them more likely to attend their appointment.

*** Neko’s text reminders are fully customisable and will automatically add the client’s (and pet’s) name to your text.

Rescheduling Options

Providing your clients with the ability to cancel or reschedule appointments straight from your text message makes it easy for clients to take prompt action. This reduces the likelihood of forgotten or overlooked appointments.

*** Neko provides you with online bookings so your clients can simply log in and change their appointment easily. Once an appointment is changed, Neko automatically syncs all your devices with the new appointment time.

Overall, text reminders serve as a proactive and user-friendly tool for reducing no-shows by keeping clients informed, engaged, and accountable for their appointments.

owner and dog looking at a personalised SMS reminder from Neko

A Clear Cancellation Policy

Provide a clear cancellation policy where your clients can easily see it. Put it on your website or provide a link in your emails. Add it to the end of your treatment menu. Post your policy on all your social media accounts and always include your cancellation terms in your SMS reminders.

Displaying a prominent sign at the front desk or where you make your sales can reinforce this message to your clients.

By making your clients aware of your expectations and being clear about them, you help them understand that your time is valuable and should not be wasted. If you are too relaxed about no-shows or appointment times, your clients won’t respect your time and will be more likely to have no qualms about being a no-show.

*** Neko’s digital forms and electronic signature capture ensures your clients consent to your cancellation policy as part of the booking process.

Take a Deposit

One surefire way to ensure clients show up is by requiring a deposit when booking. This strategy is effective because clients are much more likely to keep their appointment when they have a financial stake in it. Nobody likes to lose their hard-earned money. After all, how would we afford all the doggy treats we need?

*** Neko has a brilliant POS system that handles secure online deposits and adds the details directly to your client’s digital card. No more manual tracking of payments.

Provide Online Bookings

Online bookings are fantastic for both you and your clients. But how do online booking capabilities reduce no-shows?

Online bookings give clients the flexibility to make their own appointments at their convenience, whether from home or after business hours.

This allows them to choose appointment times that best suit their schedules, reducing the likelihood of no-shows. Additionally, it prevents clients from feeling pressured to make a quick decision in the salon, which might lead to inconvenient appointment times.

*** Add Neko’s online booking button to your website or social media pages, and be sure to include your cancellation policy so clients are fully aware of your expectations.

a cute dog with glasses looking at a computer for an online booking to reduce no-shows

Ensure Up-To-Date Client Details

The above strategies are ineffective if you don’t have accurate client information, such as their mobile number, work number, or email address. Always verify with your client at the end of their appointment if any of their contact details have changed.

*** Neko makes updating client information effortless. Clients can update their own details during their digital check-in via a tablet.

Review Your Services

It’s not uncommon for dissatisfied clients to miss appointments and never return.

Unfortunately, some clients choose not to voice their dissatisfaction with the customer service or treatment outcomes. Instead, they simply stop coming back, leaving you without an explanation. If you notice that clients are not only missing appointments but also not returning, it may be time to evaluate the quality of the services you provide.

Are your services meeting expectations? Do you or your staff need additional training? How is the overall customer experience in your business? Do you frequently run behind schedule?

These are all pertinent questions to consider if you’re experiencing salon no-shows.

*** Neko automates follow-up texts to your clients, allowing you to customise SMS messages with customer review questions. This helps you understand precisely what is and isn’t keeping your clients satisfied.

Staff Education

It’s crucial that your staff are fully aligned with any changes or updates you implement to tackle no-shows. Schedule a staff meeting to discuss the new procedures or cancellation policy, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

It’s important that each team member understands your expectations and knows how to handle these issues with clients effectively. During the meeting, review the strategies your business employs and offer tips on reducing salon no-shows. Remember, your staff serve as ambassadors for your business.

If you notice a particular staff member experiencing an unusually high number of no-shows, consider having a one-on-one discussion with them. Evaluate aspects such as their work ethic, time management, demeanor, and skill level to identify areas for improvement.

*** With Neko’s comprehensive analytics, you can easily assess and measure the performance of individual staff members, services, or products. This allows for quick identification of any shortcomings that need to be addressed.

dog grooming staff looking happy because they have reduced no-shows

Cultivate Client Relationships

Demonstrating genuine interest in your clients and understanding their preferences allows you to deliver a more tailored and personalized service. This fosters a friendly connection, making clients more inclined to honor their appointments and communicate any changes promptly.

*** Cultivate strong relationships effortlessly with Neko’s convenient client management tools, including comprehensive digital client cards, loyalty programs, and automated birthday and holiday SMS greetings.

Efficient Time Management

Effective time management not only enhances your professional image but also strengthens your relationship with clients. Consistently running late and leaving clients waiting for extended periods demonstrates a disregard for their time. Remember, your clients’ time is valuable, and respecting it is crucial for building trust and rapport.

*** Neko simplifies time management with its innovative tools, automating routine administration tasks and ensuring you stay on track throughout the day.

Invest in Booking Software

Investing in comprehensive booking and management software is like having a loyal assistant who never takes a day off.

Software solutions such as Neko – the ultimate all-in-one booking and management solution, will keep your schedule running smoothly, reduce no-shows, and allow you to focus on what you do best – making dogs look and feel fabulous while satisfying their owners.

So, embrace the paws-ibilities and let Neko take a huge bite out of those pesky no-shows. Your business, your clients, and your sanity will thank you!

a cute dog holding a tablet with the word Neko and text, the ultimate all-in-one booking and management solution.

Serial No-Show Offenders

Devise a clear policy for you and your staff to follow when you have a client that regularly no-shows. These clients are costing you money so decide how to proceed before making their next booking.  You may decide to charge a booking fee that is non-refundable if the client does a no-show or fails to cancel by a certain time.

Depending on the monetary value of the service they are booking, you may stand to lose a lot of money, so it may be prudent to ask the customer to pay the total amount up front.  Be mindful that your client may be offended by this, so before going this far, you need to decide if you are willing to potentially lose this client.  At the end of the day, this client may be draining your profits substantially, so ask yourself, are they worth hanging on too?

*** Neko’s reporting tools make it easy to get reports on exactly how much no-shows are costing you.

Remain Professional

Customer relations are ever so important.  The customer may not always be right but the customer is always the customer! So no matter how frustrated you may feel, don’t lose your professional courtesy.  Always be polite when discussing your cancellation policy with a no-show client.  While a cancellation policy may be a good deterrent for no-shows, sometimes unexpected events pop up like family emergencies, illness or car troubles.

If you have a regular client that normally makes all their appointments, it makes good business sense to waive your cancellation fees if they have a valid reason.  But do let politely them know you are making a special consideration for them.  Retaining your clients should be a big priority so always treat them with kindness and respect.

Thank you for reading this guide and I hope you have gained some valuable strategies to reduce no-shows.

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