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The Benefits of Cloud-Based Salon Software

Salon business owners are often confused about cloud-based software.  What is cloud-based software? Is it safe? And how will cloud-based software benefit your salon business?

What is “The Cloud?”

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We have all heard of the cloud, right? But, what actually is it? Well, the cloud isn’t actually a cloud at all.  This is just a term to describe a network of multiple internet servers (or very large computers) connected around the world.  So, instead of storing your data and software programs on your own computer hard drive (memory), your data is broken up, encrypted and repeatedly stored on multiple large computers. This is all possible via the internet.

Say again? Well, too put it more simply, your data and software programs live in the internet (cloud), instead of your own computer.

Think of it like having a bank account. Your money is stored safely in a vault and is only accessible via the bank, instead of stashed under your mattress.

We are all using the cloud every day without even realising it. According to TechJury (2019), “the average person uses 36 cloud-based services every single day”.

Do you watch Netflix? Use Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest? Do you receive and send emails? Use apple products or even shop on Amazon?  These are all cloud-based companies.  So, you are in good company when using the cloud.

What are the benefits of Using Cloud-Based Salon Software?

Well, as you know, every cloud has a silver lining and cloud-based software has many.  

Neko Salon Software is a cloud-based, all-in-one business management system, which was specifically designed for the salon industry.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using cloud-based software like Neko:

It’s Cheaper!

A woman putting money in her piggy bank because cloud-based software is cheaper.

Why is cloud-based software cheaper to run and use than traditionally installed software?

  • A web browser is all you need to run cloud-based software.
  • The need for expensive computers with large memory capacities are a thing of the past.  
  • You don’t need to buy extra memory for your computer.
  • No need to back up your data on an external hard drive.
  • Run your entire salon business on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Only pay for what you need.
  • No upfront fees because there is no expensive software to install.
  • No contracts.

More Accessible

Two people on the beach looking at their tablet for more accessibility to cloud-based software.
  • Your data is accessible from any device, like your desktop, laptop, tablet or iPhone.
  • You can access your data from anywhere in the world.
  • Accessible 24/7.
  • Allow staff to access their own appointment calendars from their own device.
  • Restrict staff access to certain features you want to keep private, like financial reports.
  • Access multiple salons from one site, computer or device.
  • Multiple users can access your software at the same time.

More Flexibility

  • You can leave your salon, while still keeping tabs on your business.
  • Cloud-based software instantly updates all your bookings on all devices.
  • Online bookings are automatically synchronised to your booking calendar.
  • Taking online bookings reduces the time spent on the phone.
  • Scale your salon software plan up or down according to your needs.

More Reliable

A street sign that says excellent reliability next exit for cloud-based reliability.

Why is Cloud-based software more reliable and quicker than installed software?

  • Updates are automatic.
  • Bug fixes updated automatically.
  • New features are available automatically at no extra cost.
  • Your data is protected.
  • Unlimited storage capacity.
  • On-demand access.

Back up and disaster recovery

The shape of a cloud with backup in big letters for cloud-based software backup.
  • If your computer or devices is stolen, lost or damaged, your salon business data is not lost because it is still in the cloud.
  • If your computer or devices are stolen or lost, you can disable access to your business data on that device.

Is Cloud Software Safe?

A padlock over world data for cloud-based safety

This is the question asked by most salon business owners.

The data that is uploaded into the cloud is encrypted. This means that the data looks like gibberish rather than readable files. The data is also broken up into blocks and stored separately on multiple servers. This makes it very difficult for hackers to do anything with any information they do access.

I can hear you now thinking, but what about that celebrity naked photo scandal…right? The problem with the media is they don’t always report the facts. This breach of confidentiality did not actually have anything to do with the cloud. The vulnerability was with Apples password security. This made it easy for hackers to easily guess the passwords of the targeted users.

A computer in chains and a man trying to unlock the pad lock.

How Do I keep My Data safe?

This is where you come in. The users of cloud-based software are usually the weakest link in giving cybercriminals access to their data. It is your responsibility to keep your password safe. The biggest mistake you can make is by using the same passwords and user names across all your applications and devices. Do not use passwords associated with your personal life. It is easy for hackers to gather information on you and crack your password if it is too obvious.

Never use dictionary words. Always substitute some letters with symbols and letters. Making your password more cryptic and illusive will keep you safe. For example, if you want to have a password such as “birdbrain”, you could spell it like B!rDbr@in.

Another great way to have very cryptic passwords is to use mnemonics. For example, use the first letter from every word in a sentence you can easily remember. For example, “My Favourite Song Is Stairway To Heaven” which would translate to MFSISTH. Be creative and unique and change them often.

A calendar with time to change your password written on it for cloud-based computer software.

And here is the number 1 rule… don’t share your password! Think of your password like the keys to your house. You wouldn’t just give your keys to anyone, right? The same goes for your passwords. Keep them safe and your data will be safe too.


Neko Salon Software takes our data security seriously and use the latest technology to ensure all your salon business information is locked, linked and secure.

Neko Salon Software really is the best all-in-one cloud-based software specifically tailored to help salons become more efficient and increase business potential.

At Neko, we enjoy imparting useful business knowledge to our clients. So if you have any particular topics you would like to read about. Let us know by commenting below.

If your Salon isn’t already using Neko Salon Software, its time to get on board so you can streamline your business and get back to what you love doing.  

Why not try it for yourself. Sign up today for a free 14-day trial.

Free email support is provided as part of every subscription, so getting started is super easy. 

Already using another software system? No worries, we will migrate all your data into our system so you are ready to go. 

Neko Salon Software is the simple and affordable key to making your business brilliant.

No hidden fees! No contracts! Only pay for what you need!

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