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12 Local Marketing Techniques for Salons.

Local salon clients are the bread and butter of your business, which is why following these 12 local marketing techniques for salons will get your business noticed in your community.

Promoting your salon on Instagram and getting loads of followers will not improve your salon client numbers if most of your followers are from another country, state or locality.

If you are going to put effort into marketing your salon, make sure you are targeting your local area. Why waste your precious resources like time and money on targeting the wrong geographical region? This strategy may seem like a no-brainer, but many salon owners frequently overlook this simple idea, resulting in poor marketing and a loss of hard-earned money.   

What are the Benefits of Local Salon Clients?

Local Clients are Looking For You.

Local salon client searching for a salon.

Nobody wants to drive more than 30 minutes to a salon appointment. Let’s face it; we are all time-poor these days.

Salon Clients are looking for ease and convenience when it comes to visiting a salon. So the majority of people will look locally to find a salon. Learn more about how to attract new clients here.

Local Salon Clients Advertise Your Salon for You.

Happy Clients are the best advertising asset in your local area. They will tell their friends and family who most likely live in the same area.

These clients often work in the local area, and their kids go to school in the local area as well.

Local word of mouth is your best friend and can lead to many quality referrals.

12 Local Marketing Techniques for Salons.

1. Claim Your Business on all Internet Sites 

Google with local salons in the search bar.

Claim your business on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, etc. Plus, any local websites that allow local small business owners to market their business in a directory.

My Local Salon is also a growing platform for direct salon bookings. 

2. Use Geotargeting.

When marketing your salon on the internet, be sure to use geotargeting on all your paid ads.

Geotargeting is an AdWords feature that ensures your advertisements will only be visible to clients in your specified area. A great feature unless you are planning on global domination.

Furthermore, geotargeting is the most effective way to use your advertising dollars. For more on how to use geotargeting click here.

3. Use Targeted Facebook Campaigns

A dartboard with a sticky note that says target audience.

Facebook is great at allowing us to keep up-to-date with the world. But when you are creating a salon marketing campaign, you don’t want to advertise to the world, just your local area.  

Thankfully, Facebook gives you options to target market to a specific audience. You can target location, age group, life events, singles, parents etc.  

This type of marketing is especially useful if you want to target a specific niche or demographic. Refining the scope of your campaign produces much better results, and ensures you are targeting the type of clients suited to your salon business. Also, it pays to get into the habit of hashtagging every post you make with your local area.

However, don’t go overboard when selecting your audience parameters or your target audience may be too narrow to get any nibbles at all.

4. Ensure All Your Business Listings are Current.

Business listings, for example, Google My Business, are fantastic places to list your salon business, but it is easy to forget to update your business hours or contact details.  

Failing to update your listings may deter new clients from doing business with your salon. After all, clients want fast and easy access to information.

Out of date information may be the difference between a client choosing your competitor over you. 

5. Build Great Relationships Within Your Local Community.

Hands with the words community signifying building great relationships in your local community.

There are many ways to participate in your local community and build great relationships. Building great local relationships increases the trust in your business and encourages positive word of mouth. 

You may consider sponsoring local sporting, social or educational events. If sponsoring is out of the question due to financial constraints, you could consider volunteering in a community or charity event. Be sure to wear shirts with your salon’s name and carry business cards or flyers to spread the word. 

Building great connections with other businesses is a great way to cross-promote each other.

Approach your local dance studio to advertise your salon’s hair or makeup services for dance events, and in turn, display their dance business brochures in your salon. The same goes for local wedding photographers or florists. These great partnerships are a fantastic way to market each other.

6. Donate Products or Gift Cards to Charity Fundraisers.

Hands with paper people for donating to charity fundraisers.

Keep an eye out for any charity fundraisers in your local area. You may like to donate a gift card or a basket of products which includes your business card.

Many fundraising events will advertise the participating businesses in brochures or local news articles which is excellent local coverage for your salon.

7. Participate in Local Online Communities.

Want a free way to get your salon business name out into the community? Participate in local online Facebook or other online communities.

Instead of selling your business, you are marketing your salon as a socially conscious business. Use your business profile to provide valuable input to online conversations.

Recommend other local businesses in your area and chances are your recommendations will be reciprocated.

If nothing else, your business name will be more visible and recognised. It’s free, and you have nothing to lose.

8. Flyers and Letterbox Drops.

Printed flyers are a fantastic way to let the locals know all about your salon business, what you offer, the location of your salon, and what your niche is.  

There are many ways you can distribute flyers. Hand them out to people walking past your salon during quiet times. Put them on cars parked near your salon, and of course, you still can’t beat the local letterbox drop. Approach your business neighbours and swap a bunch of flyers to cross-promote each other.  

Both businesses can display these flyers and help each other get traction with the locals. 

Furthermore, flyers are cheap to print and are sure to get your business noticed in your locality. 

9. Use Your Car as a Billboard.

A woman putting a advertisement on her car.

I bet, if you think now, you can name some businesses that you have seen advertised on cars or trucks. Magnetic car advertisements or vinyl wraps are not too expensive, considering the exposure they will give your salon.  

Just imagine driving around town with a personalised billboard for your salon? That is what you are doing when you put your logo or business details on your car.  

Moreover, this form of marketing has shown to get the most impressions on your audience compared to any other advertising medium.

According to statistics, 97% of people remember vehicle ads compared to only 20% for billboards. Now that is a compelling statistic!

However, there is one downside: if you are an arrogant driver who frequently gets into road rage arguments, maybe this form of advertising is not for you. After all, first impression matter.

10. Advertise in Your Local Newspaper.

A man reading advertisements in the local newspaper.

Your local newspaper is a great way to get your salon noticed. Placing a full-page ad can be very beneficial in getting new local clients. Yes, it is an outlay, but it is well worth the local exposure a salon, spa or barbershop needs to get local attention.

11. Enter Local Business Awards.

A woman receiving a local salon business award.

Most local councils or newspapers have annual business awards. To take part in these awards, you must register your business. Look online for your local business awards and find out more about the process. Most business awards will have a beauty services category. 

Don’t be shy to ask your clients to vote. Most loyal clients will be delighted to vote for you and see you succeed. 

Winning such an award has excellent benefits for your salon business. Not only do you get the prestige of winning, but you also get to display a badge or sign in your salon which people recognise and trust. Such awards help boost the credibility of your salon and increase client numbers.

12. Provide Online Bookings.

We all know that your online presence is vital for your salon’s exposure. And as mentioned before, your participation in social media and business listings is a must. But when you have these new clients on the hook, don’t lose them by expecting them to pick up the phone and call for an appointment. Make it quick and easy to make an appointment while it is fresh on their mind by providing online bookings.

Your potential clients may be browsing for a new salon after hours or during their work commute, where calling is not an option.  

The great thing about Neko is it allows you to add a booking button to your social media accounts and website. So once you’ve been noticed, why not make it easier for clients to book a consultation or treatment session with you. 

No booking button = Opportunity lost!

Once an online appointment is made you will automatically be notified and your appointment schedule updated. You can customise your booking button, add a cancellation policy, or apply a booking fee to reduce no-shows. Don’t forget you can always add a booking button to your email, email marketing campaigns, newsletters or blogs. Then, sit back and watch your new clientele flood through your doors. 


By following the above 12 local marketing techniques for salons you can increase your exposure in your local area.

The discussed techniques prevent you from marketing your business to the masses and wasting your time and money.

Finding local clients will help build your salon business with word of mouth and referrals.

Listing your business in as many local sites as possible and geotargeting your paid ads is vital to becoming a successful local salon business.

Community participation and fostering local business relationships is also a great way to propel your salon business into the hearts and minds of your local community.

Successful local salon marketing includes advertising in your local newspaper, using your car as a billboard and distributing flyers.

Finally, giving your potential salon clients every opportunity to book a service with you involves providing an easy to use online booking tool.

If your Salon isn’t already using Neko Salon Software, its time to get on board so you can provide your clients with online bookings that are synced to your booking calendar.

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