Stock Management

Finding it hard to keep track of your stock inventory? Have no fear, Neko is here with the best stock management tools you’ll ever need.

Neko helps take the guesswork out of ordering your products and will make stocktake a no-brainer.

Neko’s Stock Management tools are having like a virtual retail assistant that does all the hard work for you.

An icon of blue bottles signifying stock management from Neko Salon Software.

  • Manage retail products inventory

    Add your products and make re-ordering simple.

  • Manage professional use product inventory

    Keep track of all professional use products so you never run out of essential stock again.

  • Easily access product sales reports

    Access product sales reports and know what products are performing best.

  • Automatic stock updates when products are sold

    View real time stock inventory at glance.

  • Stocktake at the touch of a button

    Fast, simple and all in one report.

  • Get reports on employee product sales

    Track who is selling the most and compare staff sales performance.

  • Reduce over ordering and save money

    Real time automatic inventory updates makes over ordering a thing of the past.

  • Optional Connecting Hardware

    Purchase options extras that connect to Neko such as barcode scanner, receipt printer and till.