Staff Management

Neko’s simple staff management tools make it easy to manage your employees and keep them organised.

Get your days running smoothly and perfectly synchronised so you never feel frazzled again.

It’s like having a virtual HR department at your fingertips.

An icon of a pink person in a card with a cog signifying staff management from Neko Salon Software.


  • Staff roster automatically syncs to booking calendar
  • Syncs all holidays, RDOs and annual leave for each employee
  • Holidays, RDO’s and leave sync automatically to booking calendar


  • Keep track of staffs daily hours with the handy “clock in, clock out” page
  • Neko’s timesheet tool is so easy to use and process your staff hours for the week

Individual Calendars

  • Individual staff calendars easily accessed at a glance
  • Calendars update automatically according to the roster
  • Up date roster and calendar with a simple “day off” button
  • Allow staff to access their schedule on their own phones


  • Manage staff payroll details
  • Allocate staff commissions
  • Manage overtime and sick leave
  • Manage staff bonuses