Multi-site Management

Have multiple stores? Can’t be in two places at once? Neko can!! Multi-site management is easy with Neko.

Because Neko is cloud-based you can access your individual stores or all of your stores on one computer, wherever you are.

Let Neko lighten your workload and help provide consistency across your outlets.

An icon of a pink on-line symbol signifying multi-site management from Neko Salon Software.

Provide a consistent client experience

  • Full access to client cards from any store
  • Provide consistent service across all outlets
  • Allow clients to use gift cards between stores
  • Access to clients sales history and services
  • Allow clients to use loyalty points at any outlet

Company Reporting and Comparative Analysis

  • Access any reports from individual stores or overall
  • Keep track of all your financial takings from one computer
  • Make tax time a breeze with easy access to overall financial reports

Multi-site Service and Product Consistency

  • Link all your outlets
  • Manage all services and product prices
  • Standardise prices across outlets
  • Update prices or services from one computer

Staff Management

  • Oversee all staff hours from one computer
  • Compare staff performance between stores
  • Compare staff sales between stores
  • Allow staff to move between stores if needed
  • Establish benchmarks and targets for staff

Multi-site Stock Control

  • Oversee stock from all stores
  • Order stock from one location
  • Compare sales between stores
  • Move stock between outlets