Client Loyalty & Gift Cards

Client loyalty is priceless!

Loyal Clients are the bread and butter of your business, so why not reward them for coming back.

Neko’s client loyalty tools make it easy to captivate your clients with incentives and give them the VIP treatment they deserve.

Gift cards are also a valuable way to increase your treatment and product sales. Furthermore, they encourage new clients to attend your salon.

An icon of a pink gift card signifying the capability of Neko Salon Software to run loyalty and gift card programs.

Client Loyalty

  • Set up loyalty points for your repeat clients
  • Allocate loyalty points for treatments or products
  • Allocate loyalty points for referrals

Gift Cards

  • Neko keeps track of your gift cards
  • Search a gift card by card number, value, date or purchaser
  • Encourage your regular clients to buy gift cards for their friends and entice new clients

Memberships Increase Client Loyalty

  • Neko makes it easy to set up membership programs
  • Keep those loyal clients longer. Priceless!

Pre-Paid Products

  • Neko is a wiz at managing pre-paid services
  • Use this handy tool to create discounts on pre-paid packages and keep your clients coming back for more.