Fully customisable client cards are quick and easy to access. So now, you can give your clients the red carpet treatment and personalised care they want and love.

Neko’s client cards make co-ordinating special offers and loyalty points easy.

Plus, you will never miss the opportunity to wish your clients a Happy Birthday ever again.

Fully customise your client card with any information you like. You can even add your clients preferred beverage and how they enjoy it. The options are absolutely endless!

An icon of a pink card with a head, signifying the Client card capabilities of Neko Salon Software.
  • History

    Detailed history includes client contact details, gender, sales and treatment history.

  • Medical

    Record any contra-indications or medical issues.

  • Formulas

    Record any aspect of your clients treatment details including formulas, preferences and preferred products.

  • Gift Cards

    Keep track of all gift cards or pre-paid purchases.

  • Loyalty Programs

    Record your customers loyalty points

  • Photos

    Include as many photos as you need

  • Marketing

    Keep track of all client correspondence including SMS, emails or promotions sent.

  • Birthdays

    Set automatic birthday reminders or send birthday specials.

  • Questionnaires

    Setup questionnaires for your clients to complete on an iPad when they arrive in your store.