Sex up the business side of your brothel

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Neko lets you get down to business

Neko Booking Software is a complete booking software system for brothels and Escort Agencies. Spend less time on admin and more time getting down to business.

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Brothel Bookings

We know brothels and escort agencies thrive when Neko manages their bookings.

Our great features start with the Neko “booking Wizard”.  A handy feature that pops up and guides you effortlessly through the booking process.

Once booked, your appointments are updated automatically on all your devices and computers. It’s simple, easy and quick.

Online Bookings

Would you like a receptionist that works 24/7? Then Neko is just what you need!

The handy “Book Now” button is easy to set up, customise and add to your website and social media.

Neko is like an online aphrodisiac.  When a client sees your sexy brothel workers, they can book there and then, so you never miss out on a booking opportunity again.  You gotta strike when the moods hot!

Plus, Neko allows you to take deposits or full payment at the time of booking.

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We know walk-ins are a big part of your business.  Neko allows you to block out times in your calendar when walk-ins are more likely.

Streamline the walk-in process by giving your clients an iPad or tablet to fill in their details if they are down with that. This way, you cut down on paperwork, and now you have all your clients details for future bookings.

Having these details on file allows you to engage with your client for future marketing campaigns if your clients are happy to receive special offers.

Pimp Up Your Point of Sale.

Pimp up your point of sale and let Neko handle the sales process smoothly.

Neko will easily manage your sales, no matter how they are made and integrates seamlessly with your receipt printer and cash drawer.

Payment integrations include; Braintree, Stripe, Payfast, Zip Pay, Smart Pay with more payment systems coming soon.

Neko is also compatible with xero.

Manage Staff Like a Pro

Manage your employees better with our handy “clock in – clock out” feature for staff.

Easily view each staff members appointments at a glance.  You can even view reports on individual staff members takings by day, week, month or year.

Plus, Neko can automatically calculate staff commissions like a boss.

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Hard Core Reporting

Neko has endless reporting capabilities for brothels.

Lost your passion for paperwork? Neko removes tedious paperwork, with fully automated reports at the touch of a button.

You can focus your reports on sales, daily takings, loyalty points, staff performance, expenses, and much, much more. Making it easy to keep track of all your financial activities and makes tax time a breeze.  Neko is compatible with Xero too.

Want a happy ending? Your end of day sales report is just what you need to reduce the chance of human error,  so you are always on top.

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Need Protection?

At Neko, we take our data security seriously and use the latest technology to ensure all your sensitive business information is locked, linked and secure.

Neko Salon Software is the best all-in-one cloud-based software tailored to help brothels become more efficient and increase business potential.

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Give it a try – we know you’ll love it!

Don’t take our word for it!