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Neko Booking Software is the Perfect all-in-one Management System

Neko booking software for tattooists takes the hard work out of managing business

Streamline your business with Neko’s clever tools to make sure your day runs like clockwork.

Your business management tools are all stored in one place and you can access them any time, from any device.

Booking Features

Whether you are a solo tattooist or a large studio owner, appointments are a significant part of your day.

A great day starts and ends with a well-run appointment schedule. We know this at Neko, and that’s why we added the handy Neko “booking Wizard”. This great feature pops up and guides you effortlessly through the booking process.

Once booked, appointments are updated automatically on all your devices and computers. It’s simple, easy, and quick.

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Online Bookings

Would you like a receptionist that works 24/7? Then Neko is just what you need!

The handy “Book Now” button is easy to set up, customise, and add to your website and social media.

Your clients will love having the flexibility to book online. A reported 90% of people surveyed said they would prefer to book online. Plus, 35% of these clients prefer to book online after business hours.

In this competitive industry, you can’t afford to miss out on great booking opportunities like this. Plus, Neko also gives you the ability to take deposits to encourage appointment attendance. You can also add your cancellation policy or term and conditions.

A tattoist tattooing a young lady who booked online.

SMS Reminders

Does your tattoo studio suffer from those awful no-shows?  We know how frustrating no-shows or late cancellations are.  That’s why Neko has a fantastic automatic SMS reminder feature.

Once you have customised your SMS reminders, that’s it. Your work is done!  Your clients will automatically receive an SMS reminder, reducing no-shows and avoiding any confusion of appointment times.

You can also decide how you want your clients to respond. They can confirm, reschedule or cancel, it’s totally up to you.

a man looking at his tattooist sms reminder

Client Management

Neko has a fully customisable client card that allows you to record everything important to you and your client, along with unlimited artwork and photos.

Add customised consultation forms for your clients to fill out on a tablet. No more paper forms, which means no more manually entering client info into the system. Eliminate the chance of human error and gather signed digital forms that automatically sync to your client’s card

View your client’s inking history, payments, gift cards, pre-paid sessions, and future appointments with ease.

Neko also provides you with an alert for clients that have allergies or medical conditions. A great feature that helps you avoid any costly mishaps.

a tattooist looking at a client card for client management.

Point of Sale

Spend less time at the front desk and let Neko take care of all your sales.

Neko manages sales, no matter how they are made, and integrates seamlessly with your receipt printer, barcode scanner, and cash drawer.

Payment integrations include; Braintree, Stripe, Payfast, Zip Pay, Smart Pay with more payment systems coming soon.


Neko has endless reporting capabilities for tattooists.  Say goodbye to paperwork and more spend more time doing the things that make you money.

You can focus your reports on sales, daily takings, staff performance, expenses, inventory, and much, much more.

We make it easy to keep track of all your financial activities, so tax time is a breeze.  Plus, Neko is compatible with Xero too.

Give it a try – we know you’ll love it!

Don’t take our word for it!