Booking Software for Hair Salons

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Neko Booking Software is the perfect all-in-one management system to keep you a cut above your competition.

Neko booking software takes the hard work out of managing your hair salon.  Allowing you to unleash your creative side like never before.

Streamline your business with Neko’s clever tools to make sure your day runs smoothly and stress-free.

Your business management tools are all stored in one place and you can access them any time, from any device.  Stay organised, impress clients and grow revenue. Neko will become the highlight of your business.

Booking Features

We know hair salons thrive when they let Neko manage their bookings.  Our great features start with the Neko “booking Wizard”.  A handy feature that pops up and guides you effortlessly through the booking process. Once booked, your appointments are automatically updated on all your devices and computers. It’s simple, easy and quick.

SMS Reminders

Does your hair salon suffer from the dreaded no-shows?  We know how frustrating no-shows or late cancellations are.  That’s why Neko has a fantastic automatic SMS reminder feature.  Once you have customised your SMS reminders, that’s it. Your work is done!  Your clients will automatically receive an SMS reminder, reducing no-shows and avoiding any confusion of appointment times.  You can also decide how you want your clients to respond. They can confirm, reschedule or cancel, it’s totally up to you.

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Online Bookings

Do you take bookings 24/7? If you don’t, you are really missing out big time.  Hair salon clients just love having the flexibility to book online. A reported 90% of people surveyed said they would prefer to book online. Plus, 35% of these clients prefer to book online after business hours.  In this competitive industry, you can’t afford to miss out on great booking opportunities like this. Neko also provides you with a “Book Now” button.  You can add this customised button to your website, social media or anywhere else you appear online.

A woman booking an appointment on her laptop for online bookings.

Point of Sale

Spend less time at the front desk and let Neko take care of all your sales.  Neko will easily manage your sales, no matter how they are made. Neko integrates seamlessly with your receipt printer, barcode scanner and cash drawer.

Payment integrations include; Braintree, Stripe, Payfast, Zip Pay, Smart Pay with more payment systems coming soon.

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Treat your clients like royalty and they will reward you with loyalty!

Neko has great loyalty and client retention tools to help increase your hair salon business growth.  We know finding new clients is not an easy task so we have specifically tailored our software to help you keep your loyal clients.

Client Cards

Let’s start with the client card. Neko has a fully customisable client card that takes the guesswork out of your treatment.  Record anything that is of importance to your client. Yes, you can add your formulas, hair cut preferences, styles, before and after photos, favourite products etc, but why not also record things about your clients’ life.  Conversation starters about things that make them feel special, like the names of their children, husband, their occupation or even how they take their tea or coffee.  The client card options are limitless. Now you are on your way to providing a personalised VIP treatment for all your clients.

A red carpet with big VIP letters at the end for loyalty programs

Loyalty Programs

Most hair salons rely heavily on their loyal clients.  So why not incentivise them to keep coming back. Neko has an easy to implement loyalty points program that is automatically updated on your client cards at the point of sale.  You don’t even have to think about it. Everybody loves to receive a discount or free VIP treatment, so while you are improving your client retention you are also improving your revenue.

Pre-paid Packages

Keeping track of pre-paid package deals is a cinch with Neko. Selling package deals is a great way to increase your client retention. You get repeat bookings from your client and they get a discount.  It’s a win-win situation. And best of all, it’s all there at the touch of a button. Never lose track of your pre-paid package deals again.

Marketing Campaigns

Promote growth and client retention by using powerful marketing campaigns. Neko has all the tools that take the hard work out of marketing.

Choose a target audience to promote a campaign or simply send out welcome messages to new clients.  It’s simple, easy and efficient.

Reporting Tools

Neko has endless reporting capabilities for hair salons.  Make paperwork a thing of the past and more spend more time doing the things that make you money.  You can focus your reports on sales, daily takings, loyalty points, staff performance, expenses, inventory, and much, much more. This makes it easy to keep track of all your financial activities, and tax time is a breeze. Tie up any loose ends and remove the chance of human error.

Give it a try – we know you’ll love it!

Don’t take our word for it!