Booking Software for barbershops

A handsome man in a barbershop touching his beard for the page booking software for the barbershop.

Neko Booking Software is the perfect all-in-one management system for barbershops

The Barbershop industry is booming right now.  However, the rise in popularity has also increased competition.  Let’s face it…Barbering is now a cut-throat business!

So why not let Neko keep you a cut above your competition?  Neko streamlines your business with clever tools to help maximise your business potential.

Your business management tools are stored in one place and you can access them online at any time, from any device. Stay organised, impress clients and grow your revenue. Managing a barbershop has never been easier.


Walk-ins are a big part of a barbers day.  Neko allows you to block out times in your calendar when walk-ins are more likely, such as lunch-time, late afternoon or weekends.

Streamline the walk-in process by giving your clients an iPad or tablet to fill in their details. This way, you cut down on paperwork and now you have all your clients details for future bookings.

Having these details on file gives you the opportunity to engage with your client for future marketing campaigns.

You can also use this information to send out automated Birthday or holiday greetings and entice your clients back with a special discount.

Scheduled Bookings

Encourage your regular walk-ins to schedule their next appointment. Not only does your day run more smoothly, but your client retention rate will improve too.

Online Bookings

If your Barbershop isn’t making online bookings available to your clients, I’ve got bad news for you. You are losing money! Statistics show that 90% of clients prefer to book appointments online, especially men.  Plus, 35% of clients prefer to book online after business hours.  Just imagine how much more business you will get by taking bookings online 24/7.

Neko provides you with a “Book Now” button that you can add to your website, social media pages, emails or anywhere else you appear online.

SMS Reminders

If your clients are not used to making appointments in your barbershop, then SMS messaging is just what you need.  Neko is fully automated with your booking calendar, so all you have to do is “set and forget”. Your clients will be reminded of their appointment.  Plus, you decide how you want your client reply.  They can confirm, reschedule or cancel.

A man looking at his iPhone SMS booking reminder from the barbershop.

Point of Sale

Spend less time at the front desk and let Neko take care of all your sales.  Neko will easily manage your sales, no matter how they are made. Neko integrates seamlessly with your receipt printer, barcode scanner and cash drawer.

Payment integrations include; Braintree, Stripe, Payfast, Zip Pay, Smart Pay with more payment systems coming soon.

Three barbers in a barbershop

Client Cards

Barbershops need client cards too.

Customisable client cards have many benefits for your business. Now you don’t have to rely on your memory to a provide personalised service.

Client cards provide you with:

  • Quick access to client details
  • Service details – fades, grades or neckline preference.
  • Client preferred razoring techniques.
  • Client preferred products
  • Clients personalised beverage preference.
  • Before and after photos
  • Medical alerts if required.

Marketing Campaigns

Promote growth and client retention by using powerful marketing campaigns. Neko has all the tools that take the hard work out of marketing.

Choose a target audience to promote a campaign or simply send out welcome messages to new clients.  It’s simple, easy and efficient.

Reporting Tools

Neko has endless reporting capabilities for your barbershop.  Make paperwork a thing of the past and spend more time doing what makes you money.  You can focus your reports on sales, daily takings, number of walk-ins, staff performance, expenses, inventory, and much, much more. This makes it easy to keep track of all your financial activities, and tax time is a breeze.

Give it a try – we know you’ll love it!

Don’t take our word for it!