Christmas Social Media Marketing Unwrapped

December is an excellent time of the year to increase your exposure on social media.  Why? Because people use social media much more around the holiday period.  Plus, people are often searching the internet for gift giving inspiration.  So take advantage of this free form of advertising and potentially increase client numbers and product sales.  Here are eight great salon social media marketing tips for your salon to use this December.

3 pairs of feet in Christmas socks with Christmas lights in the background for the blog, Christmas media marketing unwrapped, from Neko salon Software.

1) Schedule your Salon Social Media Postings for the Month.

Don’t miss out on seasonal profits because you are time poor.  Creating a schedule of your media posts ahead of time will save you time during this busy period.  Decide what is essential to your business and develop posts tailored to drive your brand.  Maybe you want to increase your client numbers, ensure client retention, increase engagement or sell more products.  Whatever your goal, planning is the key to making it happen.

It is also important to allocate which staff member will be responsible for your social media.  This may seem obvious, but many businesses fail to get the most out of their social media because nobody is appropriately managing your posts. Ensure that a period is blocked out so whoever has this task has the time to update and reply to messages.  There’s nothing worse than people asking a question or commenting but not receiving a reply for days.  Prompt responses make your valued clients feel appreciated.   You can use Neko’s appointment book to schedule the time needed for this daily task.

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2)  Decorate your Salon Social Media Pages with Festive Cheer.

Decorate your social media pages with seasonal festive cheer just like you would decorate your shopfront.  Don’t forget to include your Christmas business hours, so clients know if your business has extended trading hours.  If you haven’t already added Neko’s handy online booking button to your social media pages, now is the time!

3)  Spread the Christmas Spirit with Salon Competitions and Giveaways.

Ensure more social media engagement with exciting contests or giveaways.  This will keep your clients interested and they are more likely to share your posts.  Sharing your posts means more exposure for your business, plus you can use this opportunity to use up old or extra stock.  So spread that Christmas cheer around and get more interest and exposure.

Christmas presents.

4) Promote Salon Products and Gift Cards.

Create Christmas gift packs that entice your customers to buy for family or friends.  Advertise discounted treatment packs that are ideal for gifts or your regular clients.  Offering great discounted deals will really pay off at this time of the year and may increase your bookings for the new year ahead.  Remember to include prices in your posts and take advantage of impulse buys that are so common at this time in the Christmas season.

Gift cards make great stocking fillers.  So make sure you remind your clients how quick and easy it is to buy a gift card from you.  Neko will help you keep track of all gift cards sold, so you will always know who purchased one and when.

5) Salon Selfies.

Selfies are a great way to increase your social media engagement.  Attract comments, likes and shares with before and after photos.  Always be sure to ask your clients permission before posting their picture.  This is valuable for attracting potential clients who see results they love and make a booking.  It’s also a great way to showcase your talent.

Be sure to include some festive photos of your in-store Christmas decorations or include some snaps of your staff wearing festive hats.  Keep your posts inspirational and fun because after all, it is the silly season.

You may also like to include a large empty but decorated photo frame in your store that your clients and staff can use to snap some great selfies to add on their own social media pages.  Just be sure to ask them to tag or hashtag your business. Its a fun and easy way to get noticed.

People taking a selfie.

6) The 12 Salon Days of Christmas.

Use your imagination and use this opportunity to create engaging posts that give you a reason to post for 12 days straight.

Some examples include

  •  12 Great Christmas Products
  • 12 Awesome Hairstyles for Christmas
  • 12  Christmas Beauty Tips
  • 12 Before and After photos
  • 12 Inspirational Quotes

You are only limited by your imagination.

7) Christmas Goodwill.

Appeal to your clients’ emotional side and spread the word about a local charity or community issue. This shows your business is invested in your local community and evokes a good feeling from your clients. By donating a small amount of a gift card purchase or christmas gift pack to charity can influence an increase in sales. In fact, 76% of young people said they have purchased a product to show support for the issues the brand supported. Plus, people are very likely to share these posts which will increase your business profile.

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8) Measure Your Salon Marketing Success.

Find out how effective your social media marketing has been by using Neko’s great reporting tools.  Track your Christmas sales from a particular campaign or view reports on what products sold best over the December period.  Using these reporting tools allows you to measure your success, so you know what works best for your business.  So next Christmas you can repeat what works.

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