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How to Manage COVID-19 Anxiety in the Salon.

For most, dealing with some level of COVID-19 anxiety in the salon is an unavoidable reality. Learning how to manage COVID-19 anxiety in the salon prevents a downturn in productivity and reduces client dissatisfaction. This article will give you an understanding of anxiety, along with ways to manage or reduce anxiety. Included are many resources for further reading on each topic.
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Effective Salon Contact Tracing With Neko.

As a business owner, it is important that you gather the details of anyone frequenting your business due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For effective salon contact tracing, your salon business needs to gather up-to-date contact details from all clients. In the event of an exposure to Covid-19, you are then able to alert all clients successfully.

How To Safely Reopen Your Salon.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we must conduct our salon business. To keep our salons healthy and safe, we must implement new hygiene protocols consistent with advice from our government health authorities. This article explains how to safely reopen your salon, spa or barbershop including how to prepare your salon environment, staff members and clients.
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Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Your Salon.

As the number of Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases is rapidly growing, salon, spa and barbershop owners need to implement simple precautions to protect the health of their clients, staff, and business. The health and safety of your salon clients and staff should be a priority, so we have put together some tips to help your salon, spa or barbershop business navigate through these challenging times.
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Salon Burnout: 10 Prevention Strategies.

Are you plagued by chronic feelings of exhaustion, anxiety, low motivation or dread the day ahead? Have you lost your passion for your work? If you are feeling these overwhelming emotions regularly, you may be suffering from salon burnout. Read on to find out; what is salon burnout, what are the symptoms and learn 10 prevention strategies.
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12 Local Marketing Techniques for Salons.

Local salon clients are the bread and butter of your business, which is why following these 12 local marketing techniques for salons will get your business noticed in your community. Promoting your salon on Instagram and getting loads of followers will not improve your salon client numbers if most of your followers are from another country, state or locality.
Performance grading for salon employee reviews

Salon Employee Performance Reviews. Your 10 Step Guide.

Salon employee performance reviews may seem like a time consuming and daunting task but the benefits to your business are massive. If you want to encourage employee engagement, improve productivity, plus, increase the growth and development of your salon business, read this 10 step guide.
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Christmas Salon Gift Cards - 11 Ways to Boost Sales.

Do you realise the potential revenue salon gift cards can bring in at Christmas time? Unfortunately, many salons, spas and barbershops overlook salon gift cards and are missing out big time during the most significant spending time of the year. Learn how to harness the power of selling gift cards with these 11 great ways to boost sales and increase salon revenue.
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Goldilocks and the Three Salons. How To Attract New Salon Clients.

Ever wondered how to attract new salon clients? Here is a little tale about Goldilocks and how she found a salon that was not too expensive, not too cheap but was just right.
A hand putting time into a piggy bank with money around it for Salon Time Management.

Salon Time Management. How To Make More Time!

Salon time management is an essential skill for all salon owners or managers to acquire. Learn great ways to increase your available time.