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Barbers. Why You Should Participate in DecemBeard.

DecemBeard is relatively new to the fund-raising arena, but is rapidly gaining momentum in all forms of social media.  The goal of DecemBeard is to raise awareness and funds for bowel cancer research, as this is the 3rd deadliest cancer in men.  As a barber, this charity event is very relevant to yourself, your business and your clientele.  Not only does it involve beards… a huge part of your business but also, the target audience is men.  So move over Movember, there’s a new kid in town. In this blog, I will also tell you why “doing good” is good for you and your business.

Bowel Cancer will effect 1 in 11 Australians with 55% of these being male.  This disease effects all ages but after the age of 55 years the risk increases.  Bowel cancer has many causes but diet and lifestyle play a huge role.  Early detection is crucial to increase the chances of survival, which is why spreading the word about DecemBeard is so important.  Not only will it help to increase awareness on a national level, but will also help to educate yourself, your staff and your clients.  For more information on bowel cancer go to  https://www.bowelcanceraustralia.org

Did you know that in a current study, 70% of millennials  stated they are more likely to spend more at a business that is aligned with a charity because it makes them feel good? (https://www.adweek.com/brand-marketing/agencies-are-carving-out-niche-socially-responsible-marking-168592/)  So not only do you feel good about helping others, your clients feel good about it too.  As charities are more likely to elicit an emotional response, you will connect with your clients on a deeper level.  This helps to encourage client loyalty, which in turn, helps build your business.  That’s why DecemBeard is such a great charity campaign for barbers to take part in.  For more information on DecemBeard go to https://decembeard.org.au

An additional advantage from participating in a charity is the increased media exposure.  Fundraising programs such as DecemBeard need to get their message out to the public, and what better way than using social media.  When your business registers with DecemBeard, your social media engagement will increase, helping to spread awareness of not only bowel cancer but your business profile.  DecemBeard has a growing media presence and actively market on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  DecemBeard encourages individuals or businesses who register with DecemBeard to get involved by sharing photos of beards or sharing stories to the DecemBeard community.  This is a great opportunity to get your beard trimming skills and business noticed on social media.  You can use the #DecemBeardAU on instagram and be seen by a larger audience or write a blog about how your business is participating. DecemBeard also, provides you with the DecemBeard headers and badges to use on Facebook and Twitter.  The great thing about charity-related social media campaigns is that people are more likely to share a businesses social media post when it relates to a good cause. This is an invaluable free source of exposure to your local market which you should not pass up. (https://www.decembeard.org.au/get-social)

Promotional posters and flyers for your shopfront,  (available from www.decembeard.org.au/resourses) are a great way to show your participation and spread awareness to passing foot traffic in your local area.

Let your customers know about your participation in DecemBeard via email or SMS.  Don’t forget to take advantage of NEKO’s great marketing tools to start a DecemBeard Campaign and have a legitimate and engaging reason to contact your clients.  This not only keeps your business on their minds but also improves your customer relations profile.  A study on marketing, (www.choice.com.au) reports that businesses can see a sales increase of up to 5-10% as a result of charity related marketing.  With NEKO, you have the ability to measure any increase in sales related to this campaign by using your reporting tools.  This helps take the guesswork out of measuring your success.

So why not get involved today with DecemBeard and support a great fundraising cause that also helps to propel your business to new heights.

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