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10 Reasons Laser, Beauty and Injectable Clinics Need Neko.

Neko Booking Software – the simple, affordable key to making your business brilliant. Get the most out of your day!

The laser, beauty and Injectable industry has become huge and is growing all the time with Australians shelling out more than $1Billion Dollars last year on cosmetic procedures, and a whopping $350 million on facial injections. According to Granview market research (2018), The global value of facial injections is valued at $6.5 Billion US Dollars, with a forecasted 11.5% growth. Laser hair removal has quickly become a very popular hair removal treatment for both men and women.

Statistics MRC, in 2016, estimated the global laser aesthetics market to be worth $510 million US Dollars and forecasts this value to reach 1.293 billion by 2020.

So How can Neko help? Neko is a fast, simple and practical web-based software solution that makes your day to day business dealings super streamlined. We become the backbone of your business where all things like appointments, bookings, reporting, marketing, staff and stock management are all running behind the scenes, so you don’t have to!

1. Calendar & Bookings

Neko is not just a virtual appointment book… No its much more than that. Not only can you book your clients with ease, view your day, week or month at a glance, you can also view your clients’ full history. Everything from past laser sessions, placement of facial injections, payment history, missed appointments or medical alerts. Bookings are a breeze with Neko’s handy booking wizard. Simply double click the time slot and the booking wizard will guide you through the process. Its quick, simple and its fast.

2. Online Bookings

Take online bookings 24/7 and never miss a booking opportunity again. Instagram and Facebook are huge drivers in getting your business noticed. The great thing about Neko is it allows you to add a booking button to your social media accounts and website. So once you’ve been noticed, why not make it easier for clients to book a consultation or treatment session with you.

No booking button = Opportunity lost!

Once an online appointment is made you will automatically be notified and your appointment schedule updated. You can customise your booking button, add a cancellation policy, or apply a booking fee to reduce No Shows. Don’t forget you can always add a booking button to your email, email marketing campaigns, newsletters or blogs. Then, sit back and watch your new clientele flood through your doors.

3. Client Management

Personalised care is so important when it comes to Laser and Injectables. Let’s face it, you are providing a treatment that carries some risks, so you need to have in-depth knowledge about your client. Nekos client management tools allow you to easily view a detailed profile of your client. But wait? Neko goes beyond just the usual client details, like name, address etc. You can also store and access medical records, client consent forms, Dr’s consent forms, digital photos, before and after photos, preferred products, how they like their coffee or anything else you think is relevant. Set up automatic alerts for clients with allergies, Hep C, HIV positive status, or any other medical alerts that are relevant to your client.

Neko even allows you to provide clients with a customised questionnaire to complete on an iPad or tablet upon arrival. No more tedious hand-entering of details.

4. Appointment Reminders

Studies show that by using appointment reminders, you can reduce your No Shows by up to 90%. That means more profit for you and less wasted time. Let’s face it, everyone is busy these days, so it’s easy to forget an appointment. So do yourself and your clients a favour and send a friendly appointment reminder. Neko is fully automated and synced to your booking calendar. Simply set and forget while increasing profits and improving client retention. Send reminders via SMS or email. You can enable clients to confirm, reschedule or cancel their appointment. You choose how you want them to respond.

5. Marketing Marketing

is essential in today’s competitive Laser and injectables clinics. Neko can help you create powerful campaigns to promote your business and keep your clients coming back. Simply search and create client marketing lists based on a range of criteria that suits your campaign. Once you write your specific marketing message. Neko will do all the hard work for you and will send out automated SMS or emails at the touch of a button. Entice old clients back to your business with special offers and discounts. Want to create a stronger relationship with clients? Let Neko help make your clients feel special with automatic birthday messages or seasonal greetings. According to a study by Analytics and Marketing technology provider Fulcrum, 75% of clients who received a birthday message from a business thought more positively towards them, which in turn, increased brand loyalty. Now, why wouldn’t you want that?

6. Client Loyalty & Gift Cards Loyal

clients are the bread and butter of your business, so why not reward them for coming back. Neko’s loyalty tools make it easy to captivate your client with incentives and give them the VIP treatment they deserve. Neko makes it simple and easy to set up a loyalty points scheme, allocate points for repeat clients, products, sessions or referrals. It might the difference it makes to keep your clients from going elsewhere. Gift cards are a wonderful addition to any Clinic and Neko makes it so easy to keep track of all gift cards. Simply search a gift card by card number, value, date or purchaser. Neko is also a wiz at managing any prepaid services or packages so you don’t have to.

7. Reporting Paperwork

is such a drag, right? Well, Neko is here to save the day! No more wading through mountains of paperwork. Simple, fast and easy to access reports at the touch of a button. The reporting capabilities are endless. Track your sales, inventory, appointment activity like No Shows or cancellations, or performance reports on products or staff. Tax time. No fuss, simply print your yearly sales reports and expenditures. Easy to access and saves you time and headaches.

8. Staff Management

Nekos simple staff management tools make it easy to manage your employees and keep them organised. It’s like having a virtual HR department at your fingertips. Let Neko sync your staff roster automatically to your booking calendar, including holidays, RDO’s and annual leave for each employee. If you wish, staff members can access their daily booking schedules on their own phones. Plus, The handy ‘Clock-in, Clock-out” page allows you to track your staffs daily hours. The timesheet tool is also handy and makes it easy to process your staffs hours for the week. Manage all your payroll needs including staff wages, staff commissions, overtime, sick leave and bonuses. So take the pain out of payroll and get your days running smoothly and perfectly synchronised.

9. Stock Management

Finding it hard to keep track of your stock inventory. Have no fear Neko is here! Take the guesswork out of ordering your products and make stocktake a no brainer. Neko not only manages all your stock inventory, but it also makes re-ordering simple with automatic stock updates when products are sold. This reduces over ordering and saves you money. Not sure which products are most popular with your clients? Easily access product sales reports that tell you which products are performing the best. You can even get a report to compare your staff’s sales performance and client retention.

10. Multi-Site Management

Have multiple Clinics? Cant be in two places at once? Neko can. Because Neko is cloud-based you can access your individual clinics from one device, wherever you are. This allows you to provide a consistent experience across your clinics. Access client details from any store, allow clients to use gift cards or loyalty points between sites and standardise all your products and services. Staff management is also a breeze. You can oversee staff hours and staff performance, compare sales between studios and allow staff to move between locations if needed. So let Neko lighten your workload today and help provide consistency across your studios.

So what are you waiting for?

Neko gives your clinic the tools to say goodbye to shuffling paperwork and get serious about growing your business. Remove any chance of human error when dealing with your finances and start saving valuable time.

We provide free email support as part of every subscription so getting started is super easy.

Already using another software system? No worries, we will migrate all your data into our system so you are ready to go.

Still not convinced? Why not try it for yourself. Sign up today for a free 14-day trial. https://www.getneko.com/free-trial/

No hidden fees, no contracts and great pricing. Neko booking Software is the simple and affordable key to making your business brilliant.

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